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Can I really dip my expensive figures in a varnish, just like that?
Don’t worry! The varnish coating is so super-thin that there is no degradation of the fine surface structures.

Can I dip my figures more than once?
Yes, even after several dippings, the surface does not lose its fine structural details.

My figure doesn’t fit into the varnish can. What can I do?
You can order the DragonColour shaker for large figures, or use a suitable, well-sealed container of your own. (Better ask the head of the household before borrowing the good Tupperware!) Just put the figure in the container with some varnish and shake carefully.

There is a firm or viscous residue at the bottom of the can, which gets on my figures when I dip them. What can I do?
The can has probably been on the shelf for a long time and wasn’t shaken strongly enough before opening. Simply stir the varnish with a stick until you have a smooth consistency. If you find undesirable residue on your figures due to dipping them in inadequately mixed varnish, you can clean them with brush cleaner, turpentine, fingernail polish remover, acetone or isopropanol, [ACHTUNG: hier Schreibfehler in der deutschen Vorlage!] and redip them in the well-stirred varnish.

I dipped my figure in the varnish, but it didn’t take on any colour.
Here, again, the can has probably stood for a long time and was not sufficiently shaken before use. Stir the varnish completely and repeat dipping.

I’ve just opened my can of DragonColour, and the can is not completely full. Is that correct?
Yes, that’s how it should be. The 125 ml can contains 80 l of DragonColour. There needs to be room for your figures. If your figure cannot be fully immersed, dip it first holding it from one end and then the other.

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