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Varnish is flammable – keep away from sources of heat and open flame. No smoking!
Always keep the can well sealed and store in a well-ventilated room! Do not mix with water! Do not dispose through the sewer system – disposal as for all other paint and lacquer products.

Suitable for:
All plastic and metal figures.  Not suitable for model buildings from Forge World.

Priming by dipping
Before use, shake the closed can thoroughly. If sediment remains despite shaking, stir carefully with a stick or similar instrument before first dipping.
Hold the figure with tweezers and dip it into the varnish,
remove, and allow excess varnish to drip back into the can, shaking gently if necessary. Lay out on an absorbent surface to dry. Allow 1 – 2 hours to dry. Drying overnight before painting yields the best results.
Normally, degreasing is not necessary. However, if the varnish coating does not meet your expectations, you can redip it after 1 – 2 hours. Don’t worry! The coating is so thin that surface features will not be affected.
If the level of varnish in the can is so low that the figure cannot be fully dipped, you can simply lay it in the can, seal well and shake carefully. If the figure is so large that it doesn’t fit into the can, we recommend [Achtung: deutsche Vorlage hier fehlerhaft!] that you use the large DragonColour shaker (see products and ordering). Pour the varnish into the shaker, lay your figure inside, close the lid securely and shake carefully.
Figures primed with DragonColour can be painted with any appropriate product in any colour. You can also use any painting techniques (e.g. brush and ink) that you wish

Applying DragonColour with a brush
DragonColour may also be applied easily with a brush. (Please do not use a fine brush with plastic bristles, because the fine plastic bristles tend to dissolve slightly. You can apply DragonColour liberally. All that remains after drying is a smooth, super-thin varnish coating.
Clean the brush after use with ordinary lacquer thinner.

DragonColour is exceptionally well-suited for airbrushing.  After use, the airbrush must be cleaned with solvent cleaner.

These tips may also be downloaded in our “DragonColour” broschure.
Click here to download.

Here again are three photos showing the different stages of painting:

Bare metal figure

Same figure primed with DragonColour black

Same figure primed with DragonColour black and brushed with white

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