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The following is a list of materials for which DragonColour works well as a primer,  as well as paints which can be applied to the primed surface without any problem.  We will continually keep this list up to date. If you have had a good or bad experience with any materials or paints, please write us, and we will add the information to this list.

Materials which DragonColour works well on Materials which are not well suitable for priming with DragonColour Paints which go well on surfaces primed with DragonColour Paints not suitable for painting over DragonColour
All plastic figures from Games Workshop Terrain components from the company Forge World All Vallejo paints  
Metal fantasy figures of all makes DragonColour does not form a smooth coating on Green Stuff All paints from Games Workshop  
Fantasy figures from Mitril   All water-only based acrylic paints  
Model kits from Revell      

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